Keep Practicing: Artist Kindling Letter From MrJayMyers

Hello All,

Just a quick note to send you some encouragement this weekend as well as to announce the winner of the giveaway for the Original MrJayMyers Procreate Brush pack. Congratulations to Will Nieves! Jay has sent you a link to the brushes over DM in Instagram. Thanks to everyone who commented and shared the link. Jay is still finishing up the entire pack, hopeful it will be complete and available in May.

Keep practicing your creativity everyone. We know sometimes it feels like it takes forever to become the kind of capable artists we want to be. Remember that practice leads to capability. Capability leads to confidence. Confidence leads to consistency. Consistency helps you define your style and helps you to create flexibility. This is worth the fight.

Recent fun that created some themes for good practice time.
To see more process shots, check out Jay’s instagram @MrJayMyers

be encouraged:

If you are new around these parts and have not yet downloaded our free one page PDF: Fourteen Commitments for Artists to Cultivate Inspiration, please do. We want you to feel supported in an easily accessible way, we have packed it full and quick to digest even at a glance.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton

Recent commissions. Commissions are currently closed. Stay tuned for next openings 🙂

featured artist:

An artist who has inspired us with his continual growth is our friend Joe Sutphin. You can follow him on Instagram and see regular warm-up sketches and progress on the official graphic novelization of Watership Down! His work is also featured in the recently re-released Wingfeather Saga book’s interior illustrations. Beautiful work.

tell us about you:

What about you? What is hard to practice right now? Where do you feel stuck? What would be encouraging to hear about to support you where you find yourself currently?

Until next time… Create. Be Happy. Create More. 

Jay & Raynna

Please share this with anyone else you think may be encouraged by these kind of updates. Thank you! 

P.S. You can get your own Create. Be Happy. Create More. t-shirt here. Lots of different colors and styles available.

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