★ Be Brave. Cultivate Creative Community: Artist Kindling Letter From MrJayMyers

When you have six kids and work full-time, it’s easy to let dreams and desires slip away. Scratch that, kids or not, full-time work or not, reaching for what we really want in life takes effort and it just is easier, not to.

Add to that any kind of challenge or hurdle and you’ve got what we call life. And life is hard. It’s easy to let —you — slip away. We all want to feast on life, drink it in, laugh and be merry. Yet, the intention and resourcefulness we end up finding it takes to do so, to take agency, no matter the passion we feel in our hearts, is a painful reminder of our humanity.

So this post is from Jay and I to you, creative souls, who feel a little lost right now. Those of you who feel with certainty, deep in your bones, you were meant to create but for the love might cry or scream or otherwise go into a deep funk if someone glibly were to suggest you take some time to for it.

We get it. The inertia felt profoundly. And you know what one of the. biggest. game changers for us in this has been? Community. Another thing that can feel hard. Hard to find and/or find time for, right?

Jay’s been developing his Chronicles of Klausen in his off season. Even Klausen needs community.

Not terribly long ago, our sister traveled several hours, after work, one night to get to our home and take care of our tribe while we traveled another six hours to simply be with, soak up, some community. It felt like home. But it wasn’t.

It was the kind of environment where we were surrounded by veritable strangers, yet we had all come together because there was a common dialogue stirring inside of us, a starting place, a common ground to brave together—it’s why we were all there. It was wonderful.

A few days later as we drove home, Jay and I dreamed out loud at how we could cultivate that same sense, in our home, for our family, for others. Then the costs, the work, the sacrifices, the fears and all the questions came too. It was easier, not to.

The following passage of time has found us practicing different things. Little things. Almost could feel entirely insignificant things. We’re not writing you because we’ve got this all figured out. We’re writing you because we want to take the hard path with you.

Just because someone has a blog and writes to you about hard things doesn’t mean they don’t encounter the hard, in fact it’s usually exactly the opposite. Here are some things we’re learning along the way to braving-the-hard.

Remember this:

  1. It’s true, anything we create comes from a seed. This has been important for us to recognize and appreciate, we benefit from community whether we know it, remember it, understand it, or not.
  2. A very few but significant others, have spoken into our lives and have kept us going, sometimes when we have been hanging only by a string. This gives us hope that maybe we could be that for someone else. We matter, the words we speak matter. We should live like it.
  3. We don’t have to wait for the stars to align, nor have a combined family travel of 20 hours to have community. What is true community? It is where two or more are gathered with a common and unified purpose. That includes our children, random stranger at the art store looking at the same pencils we are, etc. Everybody needs people, everywhere.
  4. We don’t even have to travel to a conference. About six years ago we began our own annual family art show where the kids can all sell their art to each other as well as invite family and neighbors over to. (This includes home-made brownies. Totally art.)
    We even recently began a family tradition of a yearly artist’s retreat, at our house. in. our. living room. This is not hard. Food. Inspirational YouTube videos. Honest conversation. More food. Workshop, teach what we know because we know something. Ask someone else to teach what they know. Be where we are, it turns out there’s a lot of joy there.

    Jay’s Klausen sketches are done in his favorite Moleskine sketchbooks.

  5. Don’t be afraid to go first. Going first does not mean going perfect, it means going as we are, and that is incredibly brave. Remember what we already know in our bones, don’t we dare forget it: we were born to create.
  6. Community changes everything. It brings us out of the dark where the only voice we hear is our own, there’s no one there to tell us the truth, remind us of goodness, nourish us with beauty. We need each other.

This month we’re taking a new step and beginning an artist’s circle at our house. So, in many ways we are truly writing to ourselves here. Thanks for being with us!


Here’s an excerpt from a long-term writing project of Jay’s, a compilation of stories called,
Consider the Ravens :

King of Strings

The world we see is only one,
One of hundreds of thousands,
Strung together in the lap of the infinite.
You and I are within each world,
Within, we are whomever,
Whomever we’ve wished and feared
we would be.

Do you feel that shudder?
Giants are roaming the country side.
Roaming free. Cage free giants
Are chasing you, not the you here—there.

You, the you reading this,
You never see them.
You only ever feel the shudder.
The shudder as they pass by unseen,
Unseen in our string.

Strings, that once in a while connect,
Connect by the will of the Almighty.

So, we are wondering…

What do you think of this design with Jay’s motto, Create. Be Happy. Create More ? Do you think it would be fun on a tee-shirt, a sticker, or a bag? What are your thoughts?

These are simple words, but they’ve really carried Jay through some soul-deep struggles. They’ve become a commitment to him not to quit when he doesn’t like what he has created or feels it needs to be better. He’s made a decision to create, be happy with where he is at, even if it’s not the final destination he is hoping for, and finally to keep going. Create more. Don’t stop.

Commissions Available For a Limited Time:

A current commission Jay is working on. Know who it is?

Here’s what is possible:
An 8×10 watercolor or inked illustration of a favorite scene or (all-age) character. Think storybook or film character.

It will be signed, protected, and shipped as soon as it’s complete. And when you follow any of Jay’s social networks, (MrJayMyers: Twitter , FaceBook , Instagram) you will see process shots of the project.

Costs: Watercolor: $100 or Ink: $35 See more info here. 

Thank you everyone for your support! From being a part of our community, to sharing these posts, we appreciate you! And we love to hear from you too, tell us in the comments what you have found the biggest challenge to cultivating creative community in your life?

Have a great week everyone. Create, be happy, create more,

Jay & Raynna

Jay Myers: Curtesy of Raynna Myers

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