★ On Process: A MrJayMyers Week in Review

Hey everyone,

Here is a process for an illustration I did recently. The original vision I had for this piece didn’t pan out the way I wanted. Here is what I wrote in my Instagram post when I posted the final:

This isn’t what I saw in my head. I almost scrapped it last night, but I pushed forward. Sometimes you have to throw it away and start over, sometimes you just need to push it a bit and test yourself. I chose to push.

I’m glad I did. It still isn’t what I wanted, but I have grown through it. I gained understanding about why this didn’t work. I was afraid. I allowed fear to create too much caution about how I mixed the colors and allowed them to blend. Overall, I am very happy with this take on Ant-Man.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Step one:

I first began by doodling and looking up different Ant-Man designs. This was a third or forth attempt at sketching him and by this point I felt I knew him well enough to really do my own take on him.


Step Two:

Initial sketch and composition. I roughed out a few more sketches in my gestures thinking about the character and his attitude. He isn’t dark like Batman nor regal like Superman. He’s much more, bug references aside, like Spider-Man. So, I captured this gesture and then sketched it larger and began designing.


Step Three:

Clean up the initial sketch and design.


Step Four:

After taping the edges, I wet the page around the figure and started putting in the background color.




Step Five:

Initial color for the figure. I knew I wanted to have an underlying red all over the character. I also, I began laying down the shadow areas at this stage.


Step Six:

At this point, I was still very happy with how it was working out. This was the point I became nervous about what I was doing. I started laying in a red/blue that wasn’t totally mixed into a purple.


Step Seven:

This was the stage I almost stopped on. I wanted the dark areas to be a warm grey-more tinted red. However, my watercolors don’t have a black and I tried using an ink wash brush I have to make that and it didn’t mix well.


Step Eight:

I let it dry and began darkening the shadow areas better and started pulling out the reds more. I used color pencil to define the reds and add them to the grey areas. I then used my white pen with a brush and defined some small highlights. I then added direct whites and used my modded Pentel to add some texture. I still wasn’t satisfied with the shadows—so, I had just heard about a trick from Jake Parker about using purple to add texture and depth to the shadows. This was a last ditch effort to really like it and it paid off.



Thanks for being great readers I hope you all have a great weekend.

Also, I’d love to hear what would you like to see me share here? or if you have any questions I could address?



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