★ Drawn from Life: MrJayMyers Posts in Review

Sometimes we build so much we need to stop and remember what is behind us. This post is a refresher, drawing from a few key posts that maybe you’ve missed or might encourage you where you are right now:

If you relate to this: Need a tool to help you grow your skills in your busy life? 15 minutes is a load of time when your time is crunched. Whether you’re like me and have a family, full-time (non-art) job, responsibilities, etc., or you have your own puzzle to make work— sometimes for all of us, it can feel like there isn’t enough time to work on growing our skills. Sometimes, it can feel like we’ll never hit our goals. If that’s the case for you, check out the 15 minart challenge. It’s a challenge that will help you grow.

Check It Out: #15MinArtChallenge

If constraints feel bad, know this—they can lead to great results. Find that sweet spot to get stronger in your skills.

I still like how Jake said it,
“Creativity thrives on constraint.” — Jake Parker

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Need Encouragement to: Grow your skills? Forge through? Give yourself some rest time, but mostly push those skills till it hurts?

Drawing is like working out. You have to build the art and creativity muscles. But, don’t overdo it. Rest is as important as working out. Balance the workout and rest. Here’s a key: while you’re doing it, if you run into a dry spell—focus on growing your skills, not waiting for inspiration.

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Life truly is like a box of chocolates: there are some tasty times and some not so tasty. But, if we are going to get where we want to go we need to stay the course.

I’ve worked at all kinds of places. I’ve even given up drawing—for 10 years. So, don’t freak when you find yourself where you don’t want to be. Use it.

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And just last week, this is what I wanted to pass on: you are your best and most important asset.

Don’t give up being you as you pursue learning from other artists. Figure out how you draw, by drawing often and by letting yourself out of the bag. Sometimes, “my stuff isn’t good enough, but that artist over there is” bug hits and it seems better to be like someone else. They are being them. You be you.

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Recent Art:
Some of you might recognize this guy. I had to draw him with a Florid pencil. Initial sketch and color using my Winsor & Newton travel set.


Process 1


Process 2


Process 3


Process 4


And here is the final scan. (The color differences are based on yellow light vs white light. Even the scan isn’t exact, but it’s close.)


Two 15MinartChallenge drawings:


(Side note: I tried coloring her and let’s just say, I’m glad I took this photo first.)


Michelangelo was always my favorite.

Art Tip: See all those multiple lines right next to each other? They were done with a pentel brush pen that I modified. Mod your travel brushes, it’ll help.

This Week’s Recommended Tool:
Also a review from a past week, but sharing again along with some helpful info below if you got them:

Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen – Extra Fine : Permanent less likely to bleed with was over the top.

Pentel Fude Brush Pen, Extra Fine : Works well with ink wash.

Pentel Fude Brush Pen, Medium : Good for large area and for larger art/line needs.

All of these I have modified. The cartridge is replaceable, but it is also refillable and that’s awesome. Check out the mods below. One more thing, these pens are squeezable, which means you have to control the flow of ink.

When I first got mine (years ago) I didn’t understand that and I got frustrated with them. But, the beauty is that not only can you squeeze ink in, you can withhold it and have really nice dry brush effects.

Remember, if you choose to buy these through the links above you are helping my family out and I truly appreciate that.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Current Good Read:
I’m still making my way through last week’s book: Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days . Highlighting as I go.

Thanks for being great readers and for all your feedback, as I learn how I can help you on your art paths as well. I’ve got some ideas I’m excited to share with you all soon.

Also, I’d love to hear what would you like to see me share here? or if you have any questions I could address?

Alright guys, have a great weekend and keep creating. Here’s some words that hit the mark, to carry with you:

“Illustrators are word people who happen to draw. We work with one foot in a book, the other stuck in a paint pot. Our shoes are a disgrace.” —Wallace Tripp


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