★ The First Ten Thousand Drawings…

Thank you to everyone who supported The Wingfeather Saga animated series Kickstarter Campaign. They met and went beyond the goals. So, a film and much more is happening!

I am thoroughly excited to take part and have the opportunity to illustrate the rooftop capers of The Florid Sword / Shadowblade comic written by Andrew Peterson.

This week I’ve been exploring one of the main characters.



Also, I recently began sharing an art prompt on Saturday evenings where I am posting a short story idea for any one looking for some outside inspiration for their drawing. It’s been a good time seeing what others come up with. I am picking several to share each week. If you are interested in joining:

  1. Every Saturday I post a prompt,
  2. During the upcoming week you and I draw something based on it and, prior to following Saturday,
  3. We post & tag our work. Tag me @mrjaymyers and also #mjmartprompt (I’ll share several each week)
  1. This week’s prompt: The desert raiders had tamed raptors for hunting. Who knew that they were also great pack mules? Tyran the great was the first known to use the raptors for riding. He was known to traverse a four day’s journey in less than two carrying two camel’s worth of packaging.


Here’s one more in my march toward ten thousand from this week:



You can see a video progression of this piece on my instagram account.


Keep creating, pushing toward that first ten thousand, and have a great weekend,


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